Our Mission

Our mission is to be a yoga community resource for affordable, high-quality classes and to help circumvent the stresses that may come along with integrating yoga practice into your life. No one should have to live without yoga for any reason, whether it be financial, health or otherwise. By partnering with the community, YoCo Yoga can create an unique environment to offer low cost, high-quality yoga and wellness classes to fit everyone's needs. 

All of our teachers are Yoga Alliance certified and bring their own unique twist to their offerings. Some of our classes include vinyasa, gentle, yin/restorative, express yoga and more! Whether you are trying to get in shape,  help manage a chronic illness naturally, or join a community of like minded yogis we have something for you!

YoCo Yoga Community

A yoga practice opens the door to so many possibilities. It goes beyond the physical and starts to tear down walls to open you up to your true self. Get to know yourself better this summer with one of YoCo Yoga's events. Join our yoga community to start your journey. Too many times we hear “I can’t afford that” or “I’m not flexible enough for that” Let’s work together to change ALL of that.

Let’s create a sustainable AND affordable yoga practice together. Let’s create a nonjudgmental environment where beginner students and beginner teachers come together to grow a practice that helps cultivate the mind body and spirit.

Our emotions are like the waves. 

The come and go, sometimes calm sometimes intense.

Use your yoga practice to cultivate a practice of remaining present.

Soften and recognize that the intense waves are opportunities to grow.

Practice your breathing.

And listen to the waves. 


Jessica is the Founder and Director of YoCo Yoga. She is an RYT through Yoga Alliance with certifications in prenatal, restorative and meditation and  a registered pharmacist in the State of New Jersey. She has been practicing since 2007 and is passionate sharing how to integrate yoga philosophy into the modern lifestyle. Her classes and workshops focus on building a core practice and healthy habits to help her students live more happy/ healthy lives. 

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Jessica, Cianci - Founder of YoCo Yoga

What People Say

Jessica is a well-rounded, attentive yoga teacher. Her class flows well for all level yogis and sets her students up for success. It's fast-paced and challenging, but also helps you maintain standards in alignment and safety on the mat. She is confident in her instruction and adjustments during Asana, and soothing as she guides you through Savasana. Truly, a class that has me feeling strong and refreshed when I leave.

Brittany S. - Yoga Teacher and Student 


Can't make it to a call or event? No problem! YoCo Yoga offers an online studio where you can get high-quality yoga classes in the comfort of your own home. Subscribe below! 


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